Transforming lives, strengthening communities

Child-Friendly Spaces offer children a safe place to play and the support they need to deal with life’s difficult circumstances. The centres are available to all children in a community. Child-Friendly Spaces provide things like:

  • Fun activities such as games, sports, singing, drama and puppet-making
  • Informal learning opportunities in reading, basic hygiene and life lessons
  • A chance for children to express their feelings of fear and loss through creative play, stories and group interactions

We have two kinds of CFS’, Tutorial sessions that are held in Pulilan, Bulacan and the LikhAral, KKFI’s version of Vacation Church School.

Tutorial services cater to 75 children in Pulilan while the LikhAral produced 60 volunteers in all seven communities in 2019. It catered to around 840 children across KKFI’s seven areas.

But the foremost objective of this program other than teaching underprivileged kids is to raise volunteers and train them eventually for a life for service, specifically, to acquire adequate support for all its program and mission. 

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