Transforming lives, strengthening communities

FREED is KKFI’s response to the arising need of addressing the root causes of usage of prohibited drugs and to cater to families who are survivors of war on drugs of the Philippine government. It aims to strengthen family resiliency to prevent usage and end the cycle of substance abuse.

FREED Project has conducted seminars on anti-substance abuse to two communities - the Manila North Cemetery and Brgy. Gatbuca in partnership with Gatbuca United Methodist Church. This is in partnership with Philippine Women’s Christian Temperance Union Inc. and PHILCADSA.

Educational assistance was given to 30 children of the families affected of war on drugs. To add, mothers are participating in the small groups or care groups where they can share their stories and strengthen one another through encouragement and prayers.

In December, Stars of Hope or lanterns were made by the family participants of FREED. This is to teach children skills and also generate income for the families. It was a success that the proceeds of the “stars of hope” lanterns were used to purchase “noche buena” or groceries for Christmas celebration of these families. Wishes of children like shoes, new clothes and toys were granted by “godparents” who extended their love for these children. Indeed, a wonderful Christmas was experienced despite the incompleteness of the family. Jesus’ love filled the hearts of the beneficiaries.

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