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The root of poverty is unemployment and underemployment. KKFI believes that every single person has the right to be dignified and develop their full potential. As an accredited TESDA Training and Assessment Center, KKFI partners with churches and organizations to train individuals on Massage Therapy, Hair Science and Beauty Care, Food Processing and Basic Commercial Baking to uplift their personally and be economically competitive.

The KKFI has provided technical and financial (in terms of soft loan) assistance for the group to realize these ventures. All of three are having modest profits but are yet to realize their full potential.

Aiming to give the hundreds of other alumni the chance to improve their income, the group, which temporarily calls itself the KKFI-Christian Health and Wellness Practitioners Group, is working on creating a direct selling business that will sell health-related products such as Ashitaba capsules, Chia Seeds, turmeric powder, massage oil, balms, etc.

The group has also initiated what it calls the Basic Entrepreneurial Seminar-Trainings or BEST to equip the alumni with entrepreneurial skills that, combined with the use of their skills in massage therapy and beauty care, will give them better income. It is a fact that many “graduates” have failed to practice their previously acquired skills, hence, would need refresher courses to “regain” their skills. The curriculum for such courses are presently being developed.

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