Transforming lives, strengthening communities

We continue to organize and conduct a series of parents’ effectiveness seminars in fourareas. The seminars are aimed at strengthening parental responsibility to nurture, provide educational opportunities and protect their children. The parents were equipped with knowledge and skills on parenting, such as, self-awareness, enhancing husband-and-wife relationship, improving and understanding relationship with their children.

To date, parents have reported that there has been improvement in their family relationships, significant progress in their children’s academic performances and reduced incidents of abuse and number of street working children. Majority of them have committed to provide support to the continued education of their children.

Housing Project for Families living in Manila North Cemetery

We continue to assist the Samahan ng Nangangalaga ng mga Nitso sa Norte (Samantaganor), the people’s organization in the Manila North Cemetery, in strengthening their organization. They are now in the process of registering to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These families live inside mausoleums, with the permission of their owners, or in makeshift structures on top of tombstones.

Their main focus at this point is a housing project. In the past, their “residences” had been demolished. They were offered a relocation site, but in an area very far away from their livelihood. Aside from the issue of proximity, there were likewise no water and electricity and no access to health facilities. Because of these, the families eventually returned to the cemetery.

After a series of dialogues and planning with the group, we were able to link them to the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) and the National Housing Authority (NHA) as they seek for ways to access assistance for their housing program. The group had their consultation with NAPC on how the latter can help them acquire their own houses that will allow them to leave the cemetery for good. This time, they were able to participate in the decision and planning and to implement their plan together with the help of concerned agencies.

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