Transforming lives, strengthening communities

Two projects were launched for YLEAD 2018 and continued till 2019. In Manila, youth leaders are implementing “Babasahin at Isusulat Kita, ABKD” which targets children and youth in Manila North Cemetery who are non-readers and non-writers. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the YLEADers gather out- of-school children ages 6-12 years old in Manila North Cemetery and teach them how to read and write. After teaching, the children are provided with lunch. The project is being funded by TELUS International Philippines Inc.

On the other hand, the Pulilan Project, entitled “Malinis at Malusog na Looban” aims to lessen the incidence of skin infection and disease, ear disease, colds and flu. It also aims to eliminate cases of malnutrition and death due to poor and unhealthy environment through health and nutrition information campaign and clean up drive. This program is composed of three focus areas: greening of the environment/plant propagation and fora/seminars and advocacy. The barangay council, local churches, and representatives for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources will be tapped for resources. Hygiene kits will be distributed to the child/youth-participants on a quarterly basis.

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