Vision, Mission, Goals
"Our struggles for human dignity and social reform have been a response to God’s demand for love, mercy, and justice."


Transformed communities of people as stewards of God\'s creation living in a society where peace, justice, integrity of creation and abundance of life reign.


The KKFI is an instrument of God that equips marginalized individuals, communities and basic sectors with knowledge and skills so that they will succeed in their pursuit of genuine and total human development.


The KKFI, in partnership with other organizations and communities, aims to achieve the following goals:

Kindle thirst for knowledge among individuals and training participants by coming up with innovative programs in education

Keep and expand existing network with other development and people-oriented organizations and institutions with common development agenda

Facilitate implementation of programs that gear towards people’s empowerment and accessibility to resources so as to become self reliant and improve their quality of life

Institute resource generation projects for the purpose of sustaining KKFI’s ministry of service 

Core Values

In carrying out its vision-mission, KKFI is guided by the following core values:

  • Compassionate and empowering service to the marginalized, oppressed,    powerless and downtrodden.  We are inspired by the love of God to serve the least of our brothers and sisters in their quest for transformation and development
  • Spirituality that reflects the true marks of a Christian.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we commit to manifest the Christian virtues of faith, hope, love, kindness, integrity, honesty, humility, forgiveness and reconciliation.  We promote the spirit of ecumenism and inclusiveness among our program partners and beneficiaries and respect for people of other faiths
  • Profound respect for all peoples regardless of age, gender, class, race, religion and creed 
  • Commitment and dedication in the pursuit of our goals and objectives
  • Practice a work ethic characterized by cooperation, professionalism,competence, diligence, healthy habits, honesty, fairness and transparency
  •  Care and preservation of Mother Earth and integrity of creation