We strive to be in the forefront in social transformation

For years, KKFI is making the summer not only fun but also fruitful. Through its program “LikhAral” (Likha+Aral) or Create and Learn, hundreds of children from different poor communities are reached.

In the past, KKFI used Vacation Church School (VCS) modules from the United Methodist Church (UMC). The KKFI, however, has been tailor-fitting the VCS materials according to the needs of the communities it serves.

The KKFI envisions, “transformed communities of people as stewards of God’s creation living in a society where peace, justice, integrity of creation and abundance of life reign.”

A four-year theme, “Create and Learn Towards Transformation,” was set. This year’s LikhAral reached 725 children, 50 youth volunteers, and six communities.

In the coming years, KKFI will focus on transformative lessons that will touch the self, families, community and nation. Guided by biblical principles, KKFI will write its own modules that will address the needs of the children and the community.

We have seen and experienced the impact of LikhAral to children and youth alike. The KKFI has always been proud to say that, because of LikhAral, young people who who used to be out-of-school are now the leaders and teachers of children.

We saw lives transformed and we believe that Likharal has the power to transform more lives.

This year, KKFI used “MAHALaga Ako” which tackles about love for self. It came from “Mahal” or Love and “Halaga” or Worth. Transformation should start by knowing our worth and loving ourselves.

The module included: “Masaya Maging Ako”(I’m happy to be me!), “Mahal Ko, Sarili ko” (I Love Myself), “Aalagaan ko, Sarili Ko” (I will take care of myself), Iingatan Ko, Sarili Ko (I will protect Myself) and “May Pangarap Ako” (I have a Dream).

The module is a product of the collaborative efforts of the KKFI chaplain’s office and the program department’s staff and volunteers.

Children have learned their rights and advocated for themselves. A powerful day happened when children did the advocacy walk in each community, enabling the children to speak and share their thoughts about themselves and their rights.

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