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Charm Alcantara, Administrative Assistant of the Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. (KKFI) said she is so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this year’s retreat of Kapatiran. She said she loved everything about it, but she gave special mention to the culminating team-building activity.

“The experience was a blessing to me,” she said. “Being able to say ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘I love you’ to my co-workers made me feel at peace with myself. The simple act of hugging and sharing of thoughts and ideas made me feel at ease and at home with them.”

Indeed, the team-building games last May 26-27, 2017 at the White Beach and the Hotel La Solana Suites and Resort in Puerto Galera was a hit.

James Aguilar agreed with Charm. “The team-building games were fun! We had a wonderful bonding time.” James, being a new member of the KKFI family, observed with amazement at how those supposedly in top of hierarchy among the staff mingled with the rest, including him. “I came to know people from other departments better,” he said. “I saw and enjoyed God’s beautiful creation. I enjoyed seeing the sea beds of corals and different colorful fishes.”

And who would not enjoy the games! They were, indeed, fun and challenging. The team-building started with the “Marshmallow Race,” where the participants each pick a marshmallow using a toothpick in their mouth and feed the next participant while their hands are at their back.

“This game was enjoyable,” said Melchor Roque, Maintenance Assistant, in the vernacular. “I had fun while eating yummy marshmallow.” The next game was the “Spelling Game,” where all the participants had to spell words using their bodies to form letters of the alphabet while lying down in the beach.

“I belonged to the losing team in this game,” says Mommy Eda Acierto, Dormitory Manager. She added, “We had a hard time because everybody wanted to coach everybody. The instructions should come from only one person. That was one important lesson we learned.

But overall, the team-building games were great and fun. We got to know each other well.” The third Game was the “Sand Castle,” where each participants had to run to the sea and dive to gather sand and run back for about eight meters. The team who built the tallest castle won.

“I had difficulty in this game,” says Melchor. “My head hit a rock when I dove.”

Mommy Eda seconded saying, “Diving for sand is very difficult because of the force of the waves.”

“I was assigned as a watcher in this game,” narrated 64-year-old Kuya Danilo “Dan” Tangonan. “They thought I would have difficulty because of my age. But when I tried, I was able to scoop a lot of sand.”

Kuya Dan said he had so much fun because he was able to join the games. In previous years, he and others who volunteered to cook for the staff were too busy to join. This time, however, the package included meals.

Malou Angoluan, Dormitory Assistant, narrated how excited she to see Puerto Galera for the first time, but that was instantly dampened by the sight of the original resort KKFI had booked. Her disappointment, however, turned to ecstasy when the staff transferred to La Solana, which is much, much better than the previous venue.

Malou expressed her happiness in seeing and experiencing unity in KKFI. Everyone showed their real selves especially in saying, “Thank you (for being there),” “I love you (to show the importance of each other),” and “I’m sorry (for having the wrong first impression).”

Definitely, everybody enjoyed the retreat and team-building. It was a time to bond and to get to know each other. We are one and together we lift each other.

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