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Public elementary and high schools require no tuition fee for a child to attend, but the many indirect costs remain a burden for low-income families. And so, the scholarship program of KKFI was designed to accommodate students from low-income families. The assistance is not based on school performance alone, but is geared towards supporting children, including slow-learner, who experience difficulties that prevent them from pursuing their studies.

At the start of classes in June 2015, a total of 38 students—15 in elementary, 15 in high school and eight in college levels—are provided with educational support. The elementary and high school students are given school supplies like bags, shoes, notebooks, pens, and transportation and food allowances.

The college students are provided with tuition and transportation allowances. Four of them are survivors of human trafficking. Housing and other services are also being provided to them. The housing and reintegration support efforts are in partnership with International Justice Mission. This way, we would prevent the re-victimization of these human trafficking survivors. 

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