Executive Director's Message
"Our struggles for human dignity and social reform have been a response to God’s demand for love, mercy, and justice."

Dear friends, welcome to the KKFI website!

In this age of digital communication, an organization’s website contains all information. It is its brochure, its newsletter, its bulletin board, and its own audio/video broadcast program.

Today’s world may be totally different one compared to 70 years ago when the country’s first social welfare non-government organization, Methodist Social Center (eventually renamed as Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc.), was founded by an American missionary named Madaleine Klepper. But KKFI's mission remains the same and we are eager to explore and thrive in this new frontier where technologies advance in a dizzying pace.

This website is the receptacle where one can find documentations of KKFI’s efforts to help create a society where today’s inequality, abuses and poverty are no longer existent but where justice, peace and abundance reign.

Please visit our website as often as you can and join us in this journey of faith, hope and love.